87% Auction Success Smashes Records

Following on from a record breaking 87% auction success rate for all of  2016, the Tom Offermann Real Estate team is kicking off the new year with 12 exciting on-site auctions over 2 weekends during the January school holidays. View our auction list here.

The agency is well known for their past glamorous Gala Auction Events held in ballrooms complete with exotic supercars , but these days agency principal Tom Offermann says the market conditions favour individual auctions on-site,  as evidenced by  their extraordinary results of 2016. He said their 5 years of Gala in-rooms auctions worked well to excite an otherwise sluggish market, but the market improved and we responded accordingly.   Tom credits their industry leading results to their agent’s auction training, the improved market conditions, and their superstar auctioneer Gordon McDonald.

On the surface Auctions appear to be a fairly simple process, and while most companies offer them, it can make a big difference if that the agent has had the training to unleash the full potential of a competitive auction environment. For example we had 10 registered bidders at our last unit auction at River Gums plus multiple owners who were beneficiaries of the estate, so juggling the interests of about 15 people skillfully within a very tight timeframe meant the difference between an average sale and an extraordinary result.   Many of our team work in unison on the day, that’s how they have been trained.  Our auctions sometimes net their owners hundreds of thousands of dollars more that they had hoped for, which is a nice way to finish off the project.

"River Gums" - Sold under the hammer!

Buyers are also embracing the auctions as much as sellers, because it’s fully transparent and provides a clear outcome quickly. Overpaying at an auction is limited to the amount between just the last 2 bids.  In private negotiations you can never be quite this sure.

Offermann’s have an exciting cross-section of properties on offer over the final 2 holiday weekends, with exquisite properties  on the beach, the river, the canals, the golf course, and more.  Everyone is welcome at our auctions says Tom, especially neighbors keeping an eye on the market.



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