Giving You The Edge

At Tom Offermann Real Estate we put our heart and soul into finding EVERY potential buyer to ensure the best outcome for our valued clients.

Buyers on Our Client Base

Analyzing the origins of our real estate sales confirms that nearly half of our buyers were already on our client base and we had established trusted relationships with them.

When the time comes for them to make another real estate investment or sell their property, they turn to us without hesitation. These repeat clients form the backbone of our business.

Although we always have a high number of active buyers on our database, our efforts do not stop there in ensuring the highest prices are achieved. Through a diverse range of marketing activities we expose the property to both passive and active buyer groups to attract additional buyers and create competition.

Our clients regularly experience sales that exceed their expectations which can have a transformative effect on their lives, so we understand the importance of our service. Offerman’s Who’s Who client base combined with unmatched advertising and marketing expertise ensures that every property reaches its full potential.

Together, let’s embark on a journey towards achieving exceptional results that go beyond just the normal property sale.

Proven Results

When it comes to selling, past results speak volumes about an agency’s skills and connections. In a competitive market with over 400 agencies on the Sunshine Coast, Tom Offermann Real Estate has maintained its prestigious Number 1 position for many years. A stellar reputation and having secured virtually every sales record in the Noosa area speak volumes, and makes us the go-to agency for owners wanting the extraordinary, not ordinary.

We take immense pride in surpassing the combined sales performance of the next four local competitors, a feat that is a testament to our unparalleled dedication, expertise, and invaluable connections. To provide you with concrete evidence of our sales results, we invite you to visit the news tab on our website. There, you will find detailed information that solidifies our position as the trusted agency for achieving outstanding property sales. We hope that exploring this evidence will instill confidence in your decision

A More Personal Approach

Offering a personalized service and a campaign tailored specifically for each property, our skilled and experienced team of over 30 staff will work harmoniously and ensure that nothing is overlooked in the search for every potential buyer.

Each property is different and every client has different needs and aspirations. That’s why we take the time to listen carefully to you, to really understand what you expect every step of the way.

At Offermann’s the team is passionate about marketing, perfectionists in the detail, and expert in creating powerful and persuasive campaigns.

Making your sale an enjoyable and profitable experience

When entrusting your sale to Tom Offermann Real Estate you can relax in the knowledge that every aspect of the sale will be handled by expertly trained experienced personnel.

Our team attends training twice a week ensuring we deliver service with the precision of a Swiss watch.

It pays to stand out and that is why Offermann’s invested in the highest profile office locations on Hastings Street and Noosa Sound to ensure our clients get the maximum exposure.

They are fitted out exquisitely, a reflection of the value we place on our clients and the premium service provided.

Your property will be displayed in our windows and will also benefit from the high number of walk-in inquiries in these high-traffic locations.

Harmonious teamwork is central to achieving successful outcomes on behalf of our clients. When listing with our company, you do not just get the listing agent; you get the whole company working cohesively to achieve the perfect outcome.

Without fail, you will be kept up-to-date with every development and given candid advice to help you maintain the competitive edge.

In-House Media and Digital Marketing

The first step is producing stunning visual media to place your property on a pedestal and represent it to the public as one of the most important properties currently available. Our in-house media team with their vast television production experience will take amazing photographs, drone footage, and videos, prepare a floor plan, and launch a media campaign on social networks. All media copyright remains the property of Tom Offermann Real Estate and any media provided to the property owner is for personal private use and not authorised for third party use.

Our independent partners and other local agents are also welcomed to introduce buyers on a commission-sharing arrangement, except during auction campaigns.

Armed with an unrivaled sales record and powerful negotiating skills, we will apply the skills and energy to create a competitive environment for selling your valuable asset.

From the very first moment you invite Tom Offermann Real Estate to sell your home we want you to feel that you have chosen well and are in the safest of hands.